VIPER at the Arizona Insect Festival 2014

Spetember 17, 2014

Dr. Boyer will be representing the VIPER Institute at the fourth annual Arizona Insect Festival on Sunday, September 21 from 11 am to 4 pm in the University of Arizona Student Union Grand Ballroom, 3rd floor. The festival is free and open to the public.  All ages are welcome! There is free parking in all UA garages.  

Dr. Boyer will be at the booth called Stings N' Things:  

Insects are tiny and often tasty -- and they are in a big world with lots of big nasty things that want to eat them.  But many ants, wasps, and bees have a trick to level the field:  they can sting.  Is it effective?  To scientifically judge, we need an insect sting pain scale.  The origins and use of the pain scale will be described and the pain levels produced by various insects probed (no personal testing, please!)  In addition, we will have information on antivenom used to treat humans after a sting and how antivenom is made.  

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