Venom Suppliers Worldwide

This is a partial list of venom suppliers around the world, and we at VIPER are happy to make additions or corrections if suppliers and scientists will let us know of omissions and errors. Venom, and purified venom toxins, are used by researchers to increase our understanding of the role venom plays in nature, and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage. Venoms and toxins are also used by antivenom and drug manufacturers, to make medical products. Corrections and additions should be submitted here.

Company Name / Contact


African Reptiles and Venom
South Africa

African venom

Alistair Reid Venom Unit
Liverpool, United Kingdom

African venom, mostly

Alomone Labs

Ion channel toxins

Alpha Biotoxine


Butantan Institute
Sao Paolo, Brazil

Bothrops, Crotalus

Centipede Venom Pharm
Research Triangle Park
North Carolina, USA

Centipede venom

Fauna Labs


Kentucky Reptile Zoo
Slade, Kentucky, USA

Snake venom


Venoms and fractions from 250 species

Medtoxin Venom Laboratories
Deland, Florida, USA

Dendroaspis, Naja, Ophiophagus,
Micrurus, Sistrurus, Bitis, Crotalus, Agkistrodon

Miami Serpentarium
Miami,  Florida, USA

Elapidae, Crotalinae, Viperinae,
Colubridae, Apis, Bufo, Tityus


Kingsville, Texas, USA

Micrurus fulvius, Calliophis bivragata

Agkistrodon, Crotalus, Micrurus tener,
Naja, Bitis, Bothrops, Calloselasma

Peru Biotech
Lima, Peru


Reptile World Serpentarium/Biotoxin
St. Cloud, Florida


S.A.Venom Suppliers
South Africa

African snake, scorpion,
amphibian venom

Serpentarium Sanmaru

Bothrops, Crotalus, Lachesis, Bufo

Siberian Serpentarium
Novosibirsk, Russia

Snake venom


various venoms and toxins

Southwest Venoms
Tucson, Arizona, USA

ants, wasps and bees

Smartox Biotechnology

Synthetic peptide toxins of venomous animals

Spider Pharm
Yarnell, Arizona, USA

Arachnid venom

Venitox Laboratories

Round Rock, Texas

Crotalus venom

Agkistrodon venom

Venom Park

Australian venom

Venom Prod

Arachnid venom

Venom Supplies Pty Ltd

Australian snake venom

United Kingdom

snake, scorpion, theraphosid,
true spider, centipede, leech, cnidaria

Neither the VIPER Institute nor the University of Arizona is responsible for the quality of products or services provided by non-UA vendors.