March 2011

  • Visit the VIPER Institute at the Tucson Festival of Books

  • Dylan Rudd, a sixth-grade student at Pistor Middle School, and Dr. Leslie Boyer, Director the VIPER Institute, share a laugh while discussing his award-winning project at the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) held in March, 2010, at the Tucson Community Center.  Dylan received the VIPER Institute's first annual SARSEF award for his original work on scorpions and flourescence.  Photo by Margaret Hartshorn

August 2010

  • Supplies of North American coral-snake antivenin are almost non-existent since the only manufacturer shut down its operations several years ago, but an Arizona group is taking the lead on finding a solution. Coral-snake venom is more potent than a rattlesnake's, and the shortage of antivenin could pose a danger, particularly in the Southeast, where the most dangerous species of coral snake lives.



June 2010

May 2010

  •  In early 2010, VIPER is teaming up with Animal Planet to bring public attention to the worldwide antivenom shortage and the importance of better antivenom development. Donald Schultz, animal adventurer and host of Animal Planet’s WILD RECON, will spend ten days in a glass box with 100 snakes on the Las Vegas strip to raise awareness for global snakebite victims. The Jan 17-26 event will be filmed for a television special to air Feb. 9.


June 2009