Men! Nobody reasonable would just pick up a rattlesnake. Why do they DO such stupid things?

Hey, be nice! We at the VIPER Institute respect and appreciate all of our patients, and friends, and faculty, and students, even the ones who do things that run a risk of being bitten or stung. We looked closely at the statistics collected by the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center a while back, and we found that about one in three of our patients was indeed a male patient bitten on the hand, which suggests he may have been handling the animal on purpose. But one in three was a male bitten on the foot, which much more often happens because of an accident, and one in three was female, generally with a foot bite. We looked more closely at the stories of the men with hand bites and, sure enough, some of them had been drinking alcohol or goofing around. But a lot of them were doing other things, like reaching for a golf ball, or rock climbing, or trying to protect a child. Some had conditions like impaired vision, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, that affected their ability to avoid a bite.