I am a high school student and I think venomous creatures are cool. How do I get into this for a career?

There are so many ways, you would not believe it! First, find out who the experts in your town are. If you have a university nearby, it probably has biologists, maybe herpetologists and arachnologists and people like that. The biochemistry department might have someone interested in venom, or the medical school might have toxicologists or toxinologists. Look them up in the university’s website, call, make an appointment, and ask questions. Believe me, we university professors LIVE to meet students who ask what we think! You will discover that the range of career possibilities is huge: you can work with the creatures themselves in captivity or in the wild, you can learn how to discover chemicals valuable to the world by analyzing venom, you can get in on the historical wave of genetic discovery that has begun during this generation, you can be a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacologist or pharmacist, an epidemiologist, a world traveler, a writer of government policy or an expert in manufacturing of drugs. Find out if your zoo or veterinarian accepts volunteers. Work hard to learn science, especially biology, but also learn foreign languages, and something about other cultures and values: you will get a lot more out of your venom travels, or your medical career, if you are comfortable among all kinds of human beings.