Remote Entry Global Information System for Translational Envenomation Research
(Project REGISTER)

A major challenge for doctors and scientists who study venom injury is that people at risk for bites and stings are spread across the country, in jobs and situations that vary widely. As a consequence, what we "know" about risk factors for injury is based on limited scientific experience, and on widespread myth and legend. The VIPER Institute is working to improve this situation by building collaborations among the people who are at risk for injury and the people that study treatments and outcomes.

In 2013, The VIPER Institute expanded the REGISTER project to enable direct participation from people whose work or home environment put them at risk for bites and stings. The survey was first conducted at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, and will be open to other participants. Please note that the survey (linked below) will not function unless you have previously been assigned a participation code related to the study.  

If you have been assigned a study number, then please click here to begin the survey.


This project funded a new Venom exhibit at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum that was operational on December 1st, 2014 and will have interactive displays starting January 2015.


This project was funded through a grant from the Arizona Department of Health Services Arizona Biomedical Research Commission.