Logan Beers (Class of 2023)

Undergraduate Researcher

Sidewinder Rattlesnake - Crotalus cerastes
  • Photo by Jerry Schudda

    Sidewinder Rattlesnake – Crotalus cerastes

    Due to their sidewinding movement style that leaves a J-shaped pattern in the sand, Sidewinder’s are the fastest rattlesnake on record, moving in short bursts at about 3 miles per hour. These small tan snakes with brown dorsal blotches are also known for their supraocular horns which help them to detect vibrations from predators and prey while they wait half buried in the sand.

    The smaller size of the Sidewinder Rattlesnake correlates with lower overall venom yields. Therefore, smaller doses of venom are injected into a person when bit, resulting in symptoms similar to that of a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake but to a milder degree.

Logan Beers is an undergraduate starting his freshman year at the University of Arizona. He is majoring in Public Health and desires to continue in university to study Epidemiology. He was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and joined the IDRC in 2019 after being a former KEYS intern. His work focuses on creating in vitro models of diabetic foot ulcers and their respective bacterial infections. Throughout his life he has participated heavily in the Boy Scouts of America going on to earn his Eagle Scout rank where he picked up his love for helping people. In High school he helped run multiple Honors and AP study programs for fellow students especially during the 2018 Teacher Walkout where he took time to go help tutor other students in the absence of school. Logan has also participated in his schools Robotics team for multiple years doing outreach and helping to bring their team to the Robotics World championship in 2017. He likes to travel and can be found spending time with his family, learning the craft of blacksmithing, or as a regular platelet donor for the American Red Cross. He is very excited to be working in the IDRC again after KEYS and wants to learn as much as he can.