What is the most venomous snake?
Is it true that the smaller the scorpion, the deadlier the sting?
Baby snakes are more dangerous than adults, right?
Are coral snakes bites bad?
Is it true that there are no brown recluse spiders in Arizona?
I am a high school student and I think venomous creatures are cool. How do I get into this for a career?
Do you have lots of snakes in your office? Where do you keep the snakes?
I heard about an antivenom shortage. How will I know which hospital to go to if I am bitten?
I know how to milk snakes, and I heard it is like a thousand dollars a vial from drug companies. Want to buy some and I’ll give you a better deal?
How do you make antivenom?
Is it true that you can only get antivenom once?
What is serum sickness?
My family member was treated with antivenom on one of VIPER’s protocols, and I have some questions about it. Where can I call?
Men! Nobody reasonable would just pick up a rattlesnake. Why do they DO such stupid things?
Wait: a third of your snakebite cases are female?
What time of year are the snakes asleep?
What if I am bitten by a snake, what should I do?
Yeah, but I meant, what if I'm bitten while I'm on a hike?
No, I actually meant what if I'm way the heck out there where there's no cell coverage?
What I meant was, what if I'm way the heck out there where there's no cell coverage, and there is nobody with me?
No, what I really meant was what if I’m way the heck out there, and I don’t have anybody else with me, and it’s a really severe bite, and I’m going into shock, and there are hungry bears all around me?
Where did you get all of the cool photos of venomous animals on the VIPER website?